Above-Ground Pool and Pool Deck
With A Unique Hinged Deck

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above ground pool without a deck    Pool without a deck    above ground pool without a deck

The first 3 pictures show how plain looking an above-ground pool is when it is just plunked down in a yard all by itself.

The following are 3 pictures after the deck was built.
Pool and closeup of deck with the pool cover rolled up on the deck    Steps up to the deck not built yet    Completed pool deck project

The pool, deck, and trampoline are now all tied together in a nice package. As you can see in the middle photograph above, there is still lumber lying around, and the job is not yet complete. I still needed to build steps where the step ladder is. The last picture above (although not a good photo) shows the finished product.

The tallest portion of the deck has 2 doors to allow access for storing chemicals, pool toys and pool tools. I attached a sheet of corrugated plastic paneling to the underside of the deck, and at a slight angle, in order to keep items underneath dry and allow water that drips through the floor boards to run off to the side.

I hinged all the joists using standard 3/8 inch galvanised bolts so that half of the deck surface could be lifted up in order to be able to drape a tarp over the edge of the pool in way of the section where the deck rests on the edge of the pool wall. This can be seen in the last 2 photographs on the following row of photographs.

Completed pool deck project    Hinged deck section, right    Hinged deck section, left

In order to raise the half deck, 2 rows of deck boards (one on either side of the hinged area) need to be lifted. Instead of nailing these 2 rows of boards, I used deck screws. This set-up allows me to easily winterize my pool. I also put a set of hinges on the railings by the landing platform at the top of the steps. This way, the steps to the pool deck can be closed off in winter to keep small children from getting access to the pool deck and possibly falling into the partially-emptied pool.

2 deck boards removed    Gate open    Gate closed


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